Treachery preview

Posted: August 1, 2008, 20:44
Today I got a mail from Marvel with the following interesting stuff attachec.

The cover is the Dell’Otto variant version for issue #1 of Treachery .

Here are the first three pages from issue #1:

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And here is the press release:

The critically-acclaimed comic book series, inspired by Stephen King’s seminal Dark Tower, returns with the follow up to this year’s national best selling sequel with Dark Tower: Treachery #1 (of 6). After every best-selling issue of the fan-favorite Dark Tower: The Long Road Home, the all-star team of writers Robin Furth & Peter David, artists Jae Lee & Richard Isanove, joined by special guest variant cover artist Gabriele Dell’Otto, present Roland Deschain and his ka-tet after they’ve safely returned back to Gilead. However, all is not well on the homeward front. Roland has held onto the evil Maerlyn’s Graprefruit and grown obsessed with gazing into its pinkish depths regardless of the negative effects it has taken on his body. And what the young gunslinger sees brings may be more frightening than the darkest of nightmares! Meanwhile, Roland’s father and a posse are hunting down John Farson and the Big Coffin Hunters after they threatened the life of his son. And when he finally finds them, all may not go as well as expected.

To celebrate the release, Dark Tower: Treachery #1 goes on sale at 12:01 am, September 10th, at participating comic stores around the nation. Plus, Marvel is proud to announce they will be releasing a special top-secret gatefold midnight variant which is bound to please all Dark Tower fans.

Don’t dare to miss the series that everyone’s anticipating and never fails to wow the critics!

“The Dark Tower is some of Marvel's best work…They're delivering the next chapter in September. As the comics continue to venture farther out of King's original realm, my excitement continues to grow.” –Jesse Schedeen of

“Jae Lee's haunting artwork and Stephen King's crumbling, dusty postapocalyptic world make for a powerful experience” – E.A. Solinas of

“The scripting by David is very strong, with a great sense of character…The artwork by Lee and Isanove remains spectacular as always…I'm really looking forward to the next announced Dark Tower series, to see what comes next in this gripping and thrilling tale.” – Adam Chapman of

It’s the next exciting chapter in the Dark Tower epic and no comic fan can afford to miss Dark Tower: Treachery #1 (of 6)! And be sure to check out Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Premiere HC, collecting the best-selling, critically acclaimed Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #1-7, in stores now!