Casting sheets for children

Posted: August 1, 2008, 09:57
Here is a part of a casting sheets for the Sci-Fi original production Children of the Corn:

AGE: 9 YEARS OLD. The leader of the Children of the Corn, this youngster is a smug, self-possessed, lethally self-righteous "little minister," maddened by power at a tender age. The so-called "prophet" who dictates the law in his secret community of religiously fanatical children, he bases his "theology" on bloody principles of sacrifice and sexuality. Proclaiming all adults "evil," Isaac allows his appointed "army" of youths to have their pick of the sect's females -- right up until the time that they become adults. Then, they, too, must be sacrificed to appease He Who Walks Behind the Rows, the quite possibly demonic entity who inhabits the cornfields that surround their community. When Vicky and Burt invade their sanctified, blood-soaked territory, Isaac orders them hunted down and sacrificed -- but learns that Burt is not the easy target he had anticipated...LEAD (23)

AGE: 17-18 YEARS OLD. Preference for either football-player sized child or extraordinarily unique appearances. --- Isaac's right-hand man, this 18 year old youth heads the "army" of teens, armed with rude farm implements, that keeps order, insuring that Isaac's will is done. Convinced that Isaac is a prophet of the true God, Malachai willingly does his leader's bidding, however bloody. However, when Burt escapes his clutches, Malachai becomes Isaac's scapegoat, doomed before his time. Trying his best to keep his faith intact and his courage high, Malachai bids his pregnant girlfriend farewell and walks out to meet He Who Walks Behind the Rows -- a meeting from which no one has ever returned...LEAD (20)

The enitre thing can be read here.

Thanks to Rocky Wood.