All you need to know about N.

Posted: July 25, 2008, 20:15
Here is everything you need to know about N.:

When can I watch?
The first episode will be available Monday, July 28th, 2008 with a new one released EACH weekday until August 29th. Blocks of five episodes will be released on iTunes each Monday until August 25th.

How do I watch a preview of the first episode?
Just provide your name and email address and you can watch the first episode now on, before it is officially released.

How long is the series?
There are 25 episodes in total, with each episode running around 2 minutes.

Is “N.” an original video production?
Yes. The video series is based on King’s only previously unpublished short story from his forthcoming collection “Just After Sunset” (11/11/08), but it’s an original comic-style book adaptation specifically developed and produced for viewing on small screens. The episodes are presented in a highly designed “pan and scan” format, complete with comic book style graphics, an original score, sound effects, and a full cast of voiceovers that includes Emmy and Golden Globe award nominee actor Ben Shenkman.

Will “N.” ever be released as a comic book?
Yes. Stephen King and Marvel will be releasing a comic book miniseries based on “N.” in early 2009.

How can I get it?
You can watch “N.” online, on your mobile phone or download it at iTunes. Episodes will be made available simultaneously across the web and on mobile phones each weekday starting on July 28th.

Who's in it?
“N”: Jeff Perry
Johnny: Ben Shenkman
Sheila: Karen Ziemba
Charlie: Holter Graham

Can I read the press release?
Yes, you can read it here.