The Winners

Posted: June 8, 2008, 21:15:23

Here are the winners in the latest contest...but first the answers:

Question: Was the 1974 Proof of Carrie intended For Sale?
Answer: No

Question: Six Stories was produced with high-quality papers by the Philtrum Press publisher, Michael Alpert. What other 3 limited editions did he produce?
Answer: Eyes of the Dragon, The Ideal Genuine Man, and The Plant

Question: What is the name of the first non-fiction book made into a signed limited edition?
Answer: Danse Macabre

Question: Firestarter was adapted into a movie in 1984. Where was the movie filmed? (lake and US state)
Answer: In and around Lake Lure, North Carolina

Question: Dolan's Cadillac was produced by what publisher in 1989?
Answer: Lord John Press

And the winners are:

- 1st edition of The Green Mile goes to Mary Brady from the US
- 1st edition of Danse Macabre goes to Richard Teevan from the US
- a 100 dollar gift certificate for a Stephen King collectible book goes to Carlos Sader from Uruguay

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