And the winners are...

Posted: March 30, 2008, 20:52:18

Here are the right answers to the questions in The Mist contest as well as all the winners.

Question 1: Do King have a cameo in the movie and if “Yes” who does he play?
Answer 1: No

Question 2: Did Stephen King or Frank Darabont write the script for the movie version of The Mist?
Answer 2: Frank Darabont

Question 3: What role did Frank want Stephen King to play in the movie?
Answer 3: The Biker

Question 4: What did Stephen King think of the new ending for the movie?
Answer 4: He liked it

Question 5: Name the title of another Stephen King story Frank Darabont has turned into a movie.
Answer 5: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile or The Woman in the Room.

And here are the winners:

The five lucky once that will get a DVD of The Mist is:
- Greg Sander in the US
- Mike Lee in the US
- Jan Svensson in Sweden
- Ken Willson in the UK
- Susanne Hoff in Germany

and the two lucky winners of a signed poster is:
- Eve Gooth in Switzerland
- Dan Olsen in Norway

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