Melissa George to play Mattie

Posted: July 26, 2011, 22:29
Australian actress Melissa George, whose credits include Grey's Anatomy and Lie to Me, will star opposite Pierce Brosnan in A&E's four-hour mini-series Stephen King's Bag of Bones.

George will play Mattie, the mother of a young child embroiled in a custody battle. Brosnan's widowed character, a novelist, winds up helping Mattie as she fights her father-in-law to keep her child.

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Adrien Morot is doing makeup on BoB

Posted: July 22, 2011, 20:32
Mick Garris just told me that Adrien Morot will be responsible for the makeup effects on Bag of Bones. If you don’t know what he’s done, just take a look here.

Bag of Bones on A&E later this year

Posted: July 22, 2011, 20:30
Straight from Mick Garris. A&E has greenlighted Bag of Bones as a two-night, four-hour-miniseries to air in the fourth quarter of 2011. As rumored Pierce Brosnan will star as Mike Noonan and Annabeth Gish as his wife Jo. Kelly Rowland is also expected to join the cast, probably as Mattie if you ask me.

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Pierce Brosnan as Mike Noonan?

Posted: June 25, 2011, 23:42
Bloody Disgusting had this update on Bag of Bones today. Nothing has been confirmed yet though...

Starting pre-production almost a month ago, the Bag Of Bones mini-series finally has a name attached to it besides for director Mick Garris. Although final negotiations are still underway, it looks like Pierce Brosnan is all but set to star as Mike Noonan in the Stephen King adaptation.

Principal photography was supposed to start on July 6 in Nova Scotia, but since no one else has signed on yet (that we know of), don't be surprised if the date is pushed back a few days unless they really ramp things up.

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Bag of Bones starts shooting July 6

Posted: May 31, 2011, 10:49
This news hit today from out of nowhere. Apparently Bag of Bones start shooting on July 6th. Here is what Dread Central had to report:

According to Sea and Be Scene, a mini-series based on Stephen King’s award-winning novel Bag of Bones will begin shooting in Nova Scotia July 6th, 2011, continuing through to August 31st, 2011.

The 'haunted vacation house' novel will be directed by Mick Garris, the writer/director on three previous Stephen King TV films including The Shining, The Stand and Desperation. Pre-poduction started today in the province.

Bag of Bones on TV in 2011

Posted: May 3, 2010, 10:54
Dread Central caught up with Mick Garris when he attended the “Never Sleep Again” signing event held this weekend at Dark Delicacies in Burbank.

Garris told them he’ll be directing a four-hour miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones which fans will be able to check out on network television sometime in 2011.

"Bag of Bones is something we tried to do as a feature for two or three years," Garris told them. "But the way features are now, if it's not about teenagers or a sequel or a remake, forget it. We wanted to do something much more adult and passionate than studios are making now. It's a ghost story for grown-ups. Television is the only place you can do that."

Production on Bag of Bones is set to begin in June in Alaska. Garris also added that they will hopefully be casting their lead this week so stay tuned.

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Some news about film version Bag of Bones

Posted: April 22, 2010, 23:28
I just spoke to Mick Garris and he confirmed that discussions are being held with a major TV network to bring Bag of Bones to the small screen. He hopes to be able to share more news with us soon.

Bag of Bones heading for TV

Posted: February 8, 2010, 22:48
Mick Garris confirmed that he is looking to turn Bag of Bones into a a miniseries for a major network now instead of a feature movie.

Matt Venne to adapt BoB

Posted: November 16, 2009, 13:25
Rocky Wood found the following:

We’ve discovered that Matt is currently working on adapting Stephen King’s Bag of Bones for Mick Garris (The Stand, The Shining, Desperation) to direct.

Matt is Matt Venne and you can read more here (scroll down a bit).

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More Bag of Bones

Posted: March 3, 2009, 13:04
More news about Bag of Bones:

Two men behind a movie based on Stephen King's 1998 novel "Bag of Bones" will be in Portland today to discuss the possibility of filming in Maine.

"Bag of Bones" director Mick Garris and producer Mark Sennet are scheduled to talk about their plans at a press conference at 4:30 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn on Commercial Street.

They are also scheduled to meet sometime today with Gov. John Baldacci and other state officials to explore financial incentives for the film.

Sennet, whose credits include a TV adaptation of King's 1996 novel "Desperation," said his production company would like very much to shoot in Maine, but won't be able to without greater incentives than those offered to filmmakers under the Maine Attraction Film Incentive program.

Sennet said his company would need a tax credit that would provide a savings of about 25 cents on every dollar spent. He said many other states have such programs.

"Bag of Bones" has a $20 million budget, and Sennet expects to spend $10 million wherever the film is made.

"We'd love to do it here. We're basically here to see if (state officials) want to do this," Sennet said. "If not, there are plenty of places we could go."

Sennet said Massachusetts has the kind of tax-credit program he is interested in. His company, Sennet Entertainment, has explored filming in the Bay State, as well as in Michigan, Louisiana and Georgia.

Set at a lake in western Maine, "Bag of Bones" is about a novelist dealing with his wife's death, a custody battle and a haunted house.

The fact that King is a lifelong Mainer will have little to do with whether the film gets shot here, Sennet said.

"We'd love to do the film, but we need to do it for a certain price," he said.

A call to King's Bangor office was not returned Monday.

Several of King's works have been filmed in Maine in the past 20 years, including: "Pet Sematary" (1989); "Graveyard Shift" (1990); "The Langoliers" (1995); "Thinner" (1996); and "Storm of the Century" (1999), a TV miniseries.

Sennet said he would like to shoot the film this summer. The movie has not been cast.

Sennet and Garris worked together on "Desperation" (2006), and Garris directed the TV miniseries version of King's "The Shining" (1997), as well as the miniseries of King's "The Stand" (1994).

The meeting with state officials today is expected to include Maine film industry advocates Cameron Bonsey and Barney Martin.

Bonsey, who was a local casting director for the HBO film "Empire Falls," shot in Maine in 2003, and Martin, a locally based actor, have long advocated for more state incentives to attract film and video projects to the state.

It was Martin who convinced Sennet and Garris to come to Maine to meet with state officials, Sennet said.

Bonsey said "Bag of Bones" is an example of the kind of film Maine could attract if more incentives were offered.

"We wanted to bring in a project that's real, instead of just talking about incentives in a general way," Bonsey said.

The state's current film incentive program includes a wage-tax rebate, an income-tax rebate for investors, no state sales tax on most production items, and reimbursement for lodging taxes for long-term stays.

Baldacci's deputy chief of staff, David Farmer, confirmed that the filmmakers had requested to meet with the governor, but he said Baldacci does not know what sort of incentives they are seeking.

Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Bag of Bones this summer

Posted: March 2, 2009, 22:55
Looks like Bag of Bones might start filming this summer

Film version of horror novel may be shot in Maine
March 2, 2009
PORTLAND, Maine—The film version of Stephen King's novel "Bag of Bones" may be shot in the author's home state.

Director Mick Garris and producer Mark Sennet are planning to meet Tuesday with Gov. John Baldacci and other officials about the possibility of expanding financial incentives available from the state.

Maine film industry advocates say "Bag of Bones" will be a $20 million production, and half of the budget would be spent in Maine. Filming could begin as early as this summer.

The novel is set in a lakeside summer home in a remote part of Maine where an author suffering from writer's block dredges up dark secrets following his wife's death.

Bag of Bones in northern Michigan

Posted: May 14, 2008, 01:15
Location news about Bag of Bones:

Stephen King: Filming soon at a northern Michigan location near you

Just a month after Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the new film incentive law aimed at luring Hollywood to Michigan, a movie production company is scouting locations here for the next Stephen King movie.

Rick Hert, executive director of the West Michigan Tourist Association, confirmed Tuesday that he is assisting the State Film Office in finding a remote “time kissed” cabin on a lake, surrounded by tall trees, for King’s characteristic mayhem to be filmed. Hert put the word out to area realtors and the Leelanau Chamber of Commerce and was deluged with replies.

“We had just an outpouring of location offers,” Hert said. “I sent four locations that we think are strong, one that is very strong, back to the State Film Office and now we’re just waiting to hear back from the production company.”

Todd Stachnik said he submitted his family's Leelanau County cottage as a possible location because, “it would bring great publicity to the place and would help our community at large,” but hasn’t heard back.

The production does still have a hush-hush quality about it. When asked whether or not the leading location was in Grand Traverse, Leelanau, or Benzie County, Hert would only say, “Perhaps.”

Hert would say that the King work that was being made into a movie is his 1998 novel, “Bag of Bones.” The plot centers around a novelist with writer’s block who moves into his summer house, oddly named “Sara Laughs,” and is besieged by ghosts.

Gov. Granholm signed the film incentive package, which her office says is the most “aggressive” in the nation, into law April 7. Specifically, the new law provides a 40-percent refundable or transferable tax credit for producing films in Michigan, with an added 2 percent rebate for films produced in core communities.

The new law also provides a 25 percent tax credit for film and digital media infrastructure investments for such activities as building studios or purchasing equipment.

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Garris on Bag of Bones

Posted: April 11, 2008, 08:14
Mick Garris discusses Bag of Bones with Fangoria:

Garris will direct, and executive-produce with Mark Sennett (who served in a similar capacity on Garris’ ABC version of King’s DESPERATION), with THE STAND’s line producer Peter McIntosh reprising those duties. The screenplay was written by Matt Venne (pronounced “vein,” by the way).

“What appeals to me about King in general and BAG OF BONES in particular is how human it is,” Garris continues. “The recent King stuff is very adult and very passionate, which I really respond to. I just love the idea of doing a grown-up ghost story.”

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Bag of Bones by Garris

Posted: August 12, 2007, 23:24
Bag of Bones to be a movie by Mick Garris. Here is what Garris told Fangoria:

“We have Matt Venne adapting BAG OF BONES as a feature film,” he revealed, citing King’s novel about a haunted writer. “I will produce and direct. Bruce Willis once had the book tied up after he optioned it. Now Mark Sennet, with whom I did DESPERATION, will produce it with me.

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Casting error

Posted: August 6, 2003, 22:57
As I suspected the casting info for Bag of Bones over at wasn't correct. They have now removed the info.

Casting for Bag of Bones

Posted: July 31, 2003, 22:44
According to there has been some casting done for the movie version of Bag of Bones.

Please remember that this hasn't been confirmed anywhere else yet though.

Billy Crudup - Michael Noonan
Jennifer Garner - Mattie Stanchfield Devore
Neil Patrick Harris - John Storrow
Abigail Breslin - Kyra Elizabeth Devore
Rance Howard - Bill Dean

Bag of Bones out in 2004?

Posted: February 1, 2003, 22:43
Rosandra at Needful Things reports that Bag of Bones -- to be directed by Peter Care with a screenplay by David Veloz --is currently in pre-production and is tentatively scheduled for a 2004 theatrical release.

Helmer Peter Care to directing Bag of Bones

Posted: October 28, 2002, 22:41
Coming soon reported the following today about the movie version of Bag of Bones:

Helmer Peter Care (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys) will develop and direct MGM's Bag of Bones based on the 1998 Stephen King novel, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The deal -- closed pending approval from King -- will see Care directing the project, from the David Velos-adapted screenplay, centering on young novelist Mike Noonan, who is helped by the spirit of his dead wife from beyond the grave. Together, they excise the spirit of a murder victim, who has killed several children and now has her eyes on an innocent 3-year-old.

Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin's Cheyenne Enterprises is producing, and Care's wife, Lorraine, is co-producing.

Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Bag of Bones on King's official site

Posted: July 27, 2002, 22:40
Bag of Bones has now been listed on King's official site. Here is what they say:

Bag of Bones
Major Motion Picture Release
Film rights for Bag of Bones have been optioned. MGM will be distributing this as a theater release. Bruce Willis is the Producer.

Willis to do Bag of Bones

Posted: December 5, 2001, 22:39
According to the site Bruce Willis (it doesn't mentions if it's the same Bruce Willis that stars in the Die Hard movies though) and Arnold Rifkin will be the producers for Bag of Bones. The Production Companies will be Cheyenne Enterprises. No word on where they are in the production though.

According to Reuters King has sold the movie rights for "Bag Of Bones" to Deborah Raffin and her husband Michael Viner. Raffin is an actress (Death Wish 3, Scanner 2 and Sidney Sheldons The Sand Of Time) and Viner a movie producer. Let's hope that they do a great job with it!