La Femme dans la Chamber

Posted: June 22, 2005
Category: Dollar Babies
I have just seen the first French Dollar Baby that I know about. It’s a French version of The Woman in the Room with the title La Femme dans la Chamber. The movie is about 13 minutes long and is a lot better then I thought before I saw it.

I don’t know why I though it would be a somewhat less good movie, it may have been because it wasn’t American and I’m not used to see French movies I guess… But I’m not worse then I can admit that I was wrong. La Femme dans la Chamber is a good Dollar Baby that is very well done.

It’s a bit short though and the story moves along a bit to quick but even so, all the main ingredients are there. You know what is happening to the mother and why her son does what he does. The meaning and the base of King’s story are definitely there.

There is one other downside to the movie and that is that it doesn’t have English subtitles…yet. For now there is only a file with the subtitles but you have to read them on the side while you watch the movie and that’s not a good way to watch a movie. I have heard that a version with the subtitles in the movie is on its way so that problem should soon be solved.

Both actors (mother and son in the movie) are doing fairly good jobs. I don’t think they’ll get an Oscar for their performance but here they do just fine. Director Damien Maric has created a nice little movie and I must say that it’s interesting to see that the Dollar Baby phenomenon is spreading outside the US, very interesting!

Lilja's final words about La Femme dans la Chamber:

I definitely think that you should see La Femme dans la Chamber…when a copy with subtitles are out. It’s not good way to watch a movie with the subtitles on the side. Wait until they are in the movie but then make sure you see it once they are!

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