Black House

Posted: October 27, 2001
Category: Books
Black House is supposed to be a continuation of The Talisman. Isn't it? I'm not so sure. I feel that Black House is more a Dark Tower book then a Talisman book, which I think is a bit sad. I love The Talisman and was really psyched when I hard that there was going to be a sequel written. Later when I heard that the sequel, Black House, would contain a lot of The Dark Tower stuff I got really skeptic.

Personally I never though that The Talisman was connected to The Dark Tower. I always felt that it was a book that stood on it's own. Please don't misunderstand me now. I love everything that is connected to The Dark Tower and I look forward to every new installment with joy and enormous excitement. I do not however feel that The Dark Tower has the right to take owner The Talisman world, which I feel it does in Black House.

If you would change Jack's name into something else and make some other minor changes to the story this would be a Dark Tower book instead of a sequel to The Talisman, right? That was not what I wanted and expected when I started the book…I was expecting to meet more of the things, places and characters that I know from The Talisman.

OK, lets put The Dark Tower aspect of the book aside for a while and focus on the rest of the story. Personally I really like the plot with the Fisherman and his gruesome crimes. I also like the fact that Black House has some extremely good characters. I'm off course thinking of the motorcycle gang, The Thunderous Five, the reporter Wendell Green. They are all great characters. The best one of them all though is Henry Leyden, man what a character! He is perfectly portrayed in the book! To bad he probably won't appear in another one…

The only thing I don't like about the books plot is how Jack and his gang rescue Ty from Mr. Munshun. As the story builds towards the climax I get the feeling that Mr. Munshun is a strong creature that will give Jack one hell of a fight about Ty. One that might even claims some victims along the way. Then when the battle happens it happens so fast you really can't believe that it has happened. Jack is beating Mr. Munshun (in his own backyard) like he was a 90 year-old-fart that couldn't hurt a fly even if his life depended on it. I feel this is the weakest moments in the book.

Other then that I don't have anything to complain about when it comes to the books story. I love the narrative way King and Straub use to tell the story. It's a really interesting and unusual way to tell a story, Great work!

The books ending give a really good indication that there will be a third book released eventually. My fear though is that that one will be even more a Dark Tower book then a sequel to Black House, which I feel would be unfortunate.

Lilja's final words about Black House:

If you read Black House thinking that you will read a sequel to The Talisman, expecting to join Jack on new adventures in the Territories you will be disappointed.

If you read Black House thinking that you will read just a new King book, exception all the great things that comes with a new King book you will love this book.

If you read Black House thinking that you will learn more about The Dark Tower, you will love this book a lot.

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