Pennywise 1990 (NECA)

Posted: September 14, 2018
Category: Collectables
Some time ago I reviewed the 2017 Pennywise from NECA and now I have the 1990 in my hands. And as with the 2017 they have done a great job with the details on this 1990’s version. Maybe even a better job. There are more accessories here. We get several balloons (which are hard to arrange in a nice way though). We get four different heads (a bit hard to change), two sets of hands and a small noisemaker. In other words. More balloons and heads here. My favorite head is the one with burns. Looks very cool.

One thing that looks better on the 2017 version though is the hips. Here we can obvious see where the joints are, and they are better hidden in the 2017 version. It’s not a big issue but in some positions, they become a bit too obvious.

As with the other Pennywise this is a very cool figure. I won’t play with mine. I will place it in the bookcase with my books in a cool pose. That is how I feel these figures should be used. And these versions are so much better than the ones that don’t really look like the character; that look more like a caricature of the character. Here it looks like Pennywise down to the smallest detail, and there are a lot of details. And that I love!

Lilja's final words about Pennywise 1990 (NECA):

If you get one of the Pennywise’s, get the other as well. Why stop with one? They are cool in themselves but together they are invincible.