Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 8

Posted: October 11, 2018

In the last episode we saw Bill take a beating from Al/Brady. He was saved at the last minute by Ida. There is now no doubt that itís Brady that was in Alís body and that he is more aware than they previously thought. To stop him Bill and Antonio try to get him transferred to a different hospital where he wonít be that well taken care of and that will probably stop his recovery. However Dr. Babineau manages to stop them and the experiment on Brady continues.

Jerome has some problems on the homefront where his father is low on money and I must say that Iím quite tired of older men not wanting to accept help from younger. Here it is Jeromeís father throwing eggs in the sink instead of using them and ranting on how he can pay for his own food when he clearly canít. Very boring.

Holly takes a tape from Bradyís arm like it is evidence of something. Iím not sure what this is supposed to be but I guess weíll find out. As the episode comes to an end we first see Brady moving his feet, then wakes Bill (this is a dream or premonition from Bill) and then when Bill arrives at the hospital Brady is gone and all thatís left is an empty bed.

Itís only two episodes left of the season and Iím intrigued to see what they will make of it. Now that Brady is up and walking they need to chase him and he needs to hide. It will be interesting to see what heíll be up to. I hope there is more than just him wanting to kill BillÖ

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 8

Itís interesting that even though Bill is in quite a lot of pain he still chooses to half lay half sit on the couch to sleep. Seems like a bed would be much more comfortable.