Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 7

Posted: October 4, 2018

In episode seven Dr. Babineau and his wife continue to try to get Brady to talk. It doesnít work as they are hoping but we know Brady is in there and he is preparing to fight. That, however, is something that Dr. Babineauís wife isnít. Instead she is trying to sneak off and leave the country. Probably because she knows that the Chinese investors might bail and she doesnít want to be left with the blame. She thinks that her husband can do thatÖ

A big portion of the episode deals with Al and after his brother bails him out he tells him that he thinks Brady is in his head. His brother, understandably, doesnít really believe him and that ends up getting him killed. Al, or rather Brady in Alís body cuts his ear off then slits his throat and then leaves to find Bill and get even with him. Itís this fight Brady has been warming up to during the episode.

Brady finds Bill in his home, preparing for leaving for Ireland with his ex-wife who he has reunited with, in his home. Al gets him when his distracted with a phone call from the ex-wife and really does a number on him and would probably end up killing him if it wasnít for Ida showing up and distracting Al enough that Bill can grab his gun and put a bullet in his head.

I like the episode. A lot happens and we get to see Brady go after Bill in Alís body. Now he canít do that anymore after Bill killing Al. Question now is whoíll be next? Maybe Lou how has been hired by Dr. Babineau to lure Brady out of hiding. It will also be interesting to see how they will solve this going to Ireland thing. I highly doubt that Bill will leave everything and go and maybe Brady (Al) beating him is the thing that keeps him in the US going after Brady?

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 7

I like Dr. Babineau but his wife I donít really care for. She is a very flat character that you donít like or dislike (even if itís more of the later). You just donít care about her.