Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 4

Posted: September 13, 2018

When the episode starts weíre back to Sadie jumping from the roof. Bill is confused about her jumping and canít really make sense of it. Why did she jump? Why did she try to kill him and is Brady to blame. Later in the episode Bill says he thinks Brady is faking his coma. He doesnít know how but he thinks that is what he is doing. Antonio Montez who investigates Sadieís death isnít convinced. He is convinced that Bill knows more than he is telling though.

For Brady itís all about finding another person now and he finds that in Al. Al works at the hospital and it turns out that through a game he plays Brady somehow manages to get into his head. This might introduce the pink fish that we recognize from the book. In Alís body Brady leaves the hospital and visit the place of his masterpiece. The place where he got the name The Mercedes KillerÖ

We also get to see more of Lou. She is having trouble getting over the fact that Brady tried to kill her and she drinks far too much. This leads to her girlfriend leaving her and later when sheís out drinking she beats up a guy who is a jerk but I donít think she really wanted to beat him as badly as she does.

As the episode comes to an end, Bill starts to understand that Brady is in some way involved in Sadieís death. He canít really explain how but after he and Jerome manage to get into Sadieís phone, itís clear that she has been manipulated by Brady. Now Bill just has to find out how and stop it.

I think the season is starting to move along in a good way. The plot works and the setup is also working. I canít wait to see Brady getting out more and Bill trying to find out whatís going on. The only thing I think we need a lot more of is Holly. She has been a bit too invisible for my taste. I want more of her.

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes (S2) - Episode 4

Oh, and we also get to see Bradyís old dead boss againÖ