Castle Rock: Season 1 - Episode 8

Posted: August 29, 2018
Category: Movies
Episode 8 is the kind of episode I like. Here we get a new story but still find out some things about the main plot. Here we meet Gordon and his wife who’s interested in buying the warden’s old house. We have seen them in an earlier episode talking to Molly about it but now we get more of their story. We learn that the wife has been unfaithful and that is why they are moving to Castle Rock. We also learn that they turn warden’s old house into a Bed & Breakfast. And not any B&B. They are reconstructing a murder in each of the rooms. In the living room they have a guy with an axe in his head.

Unfortunately their first guests aren’t at all interested in reconstructed murders. They are very clearly there to have fun outside their respective marriages. Something Gordon, for obvious reasons, has a very hard time accepting. So, during the night when they go at it in full force, he simply goes to their room and kills them both and interesting enough this brings him and his wife closer together.

As for the main plot it’s now clear that it was Alan that Ruth shot in episode 7. I guessed that was the case but wasn’t sure. She believes that it was her dead husband that had returned though so it was an accident. Skarsgård’s character offers to help Henry hide the body to cover for Ruth but before he gets a chance to explain why he’s willing to do that the police arrive. He does mention that he has been waiting for Henry during the 27 years (yes, 27, just like in IT) he was in the hole. He also tells Henry he saved him from the basement. My guess is that that was during those days Henry was missing when he was a child. Henry also thinks that’s the case and that the basement he meant is the one in warden’s old house.

Henry breaks in and finds a lot of paintings of Skarsgård’s character and the dates on them confirms that he’s been in the hole for 27 years. In one of the paintings he has a shirt that is very similar to the one Henry had on the missing poster that was done when he was lost. Not sure what that means yet though but both Gordon and his wife end up dead after a fight with Henry and Jackie after they find Henry in their house (Jackie helps Henry). The episode ends with Skarsgård’s character and Molly talking and he tells Molly that he was there all those years ago when she killed Henry’s dad. And he was also there when Molly died… Not sure what that means and I immediately started thinking it could be one of those cases where she’s been dead all along and people really haven’t seen her at all but that isn’t possible. Not in a believable way.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Molly saves Henry from the sound room in the RV that he got locked into. The two men that locked him in there are gone (we do see one of them, the deaf one dead though). We don’t know if Henry heard God in there and I kind of hope that that story line ends there but after seeing Henry’s son suffering from the same sounds Henry does I don’t think that is going to happen.

Lilja's final words about Castle Rock: Season 1 - Episode 8:

I like the Gordon plot. I could have seen both him and his wife getting more time in this episode.