Castle Rock: Season 1 - Episode 4

Posted: August 2, 2018
Category: Movies
Castle Rock is back for it’s second week (but 4th episode) and now it’s one episode a week. The plot moves forward and we get to know more about each of the characters. In this review I’m going to talk in more detail about what happens than I did in my review of episode 1-3 so if you haven’t seen the episode yet you might want to do that and then come back here.

So, what’s happening this week? Well, Henry is continuing to try to find out more about what happened to him back in 1991 when he went missing for 11 days. He is also continuing to try and help his client, the no name prisoner up at Shawshank. We still don’t know who (or what) he is but I’m starting to have my ideas. Alan Pangborn talked to the previous warden, Dale Lacy, who is the one that put him in the cage below the prison and he seemed convinced it was the Devil he had caught and that whatever they did they should not let him out…

Molly Strand on the other hand is tormented by what she did as a kid. We know that she is the one that killed Henry’s father. We don’t know why she did it. We do know that she has some connection with Henry that makes her feel what he feels and hear what he thinks so it could be that she did it because of something he did to Henry. At first, she tries to avoid Henry but can’t and they end up in bed. We’ll see what that will lead to.

One thing it seems to lead to is that Henry called the Shawshank guard that has made him aware of the nameless prisoner saying he can’t help him. This leads up to the episodes finale where the guard gets his gun and kills anyone he meets on the way to the warden’s office where Henry is. He then tells Henry he wants to confess but only seconds later he’s shot by the guards. Why did he do it? Was it because he did a fist bump with the nameless prisoner who had earlier said he didn’t want to be touched? I guess we’ll have to wait and see but I think that might be it…

Lilja's final words about Castle Rock: Season 1 - Episode 4:

The show is really good. I think they move in a pace that works very well. You get to know the characters but they still surprise you like in the end of the episode. I, for sure, didn’t see that coming.