Posted: October 19, 2017

1922 is based on Kingís story with the same name and tells the story about how Wilfred James is struggling to keep his farm going. His son Henry helps him but his wife Arlette really doesnít want to be there. She wants to sell the land she inherited from her father and the land Wilfred owns and move into the city and open a store where she could sell clothes. And when she threatens divorce, Wilfred starts planning how he and Henry could keep the farm and be rid of Arlette.

It takes some convincing but eventually Henry is onboard with murdering his mom, Wilfredís wife, so that they can keep the farm. And it turns out to be the perfect murder. The one thing they havenít considered though is how they are going to live with themselves afterwards. How they are going to live with the guilt, live with seeing Arlette in their dreams and how to live with the image of her dead body at the bottom of the wellÖwith all the ratsÖ

I like 1922 and the film follows Kingís story rather well. One thing that I donít like though is Wilfredís accent. Itís not that it doesnít sound genuine but itís too thick. Sometimes I canít even hear what he says. The fact that Thomas Jane, who plays Wilfred, talks with his teeth clenched doesnít make it easier. And besides that, how come no one else (not Arlette, not Henry, not any one of the others) have the same accent. From what I can understand they are all from the same area and they should all have an accent. Seems strange and not that believable.

But besides that, itís a good movie and Netflix has one more good King adaptation on their list now. Hopefully this will open up even more being done in the future.

Lilja's final words about 1922

Iím not a big fan of Thomas Jane but here he works really well. If he had lightened up a bit on the accent it would have been even better.