Mr Mercedes Episode 7 – Willow Lake

Posted: September 21, 2017
Category: Movies
Episode 7; this one ends with a big bang, literally, but more on that soon. A lot happens in this episode so let’s get right to it. Bill and Janey are now an item. Bill accompanies her to the funeral parlor where she’s arranging her mother’s funeral. As it turns out Ida works there and things get a bit awkward. I don’t really know what they wanted to say with this. Is Ida jealous of Bill and Janey? I would say yes and does that mean anything is come out of it? I enjoy the character Ida but I’m not sure where they want to take her story…

Bill also gets his hands on Olivia Trelawney’s computer and with the help of Jerome and Holly they crack the password. Here Bill also introduces Jerome and Holly to each other for the first time and it looks like they are going to hit it off well. Even though Jerome is, in the beginning, a bit confused by Holly and her ticks.

Deborah snoops in Brady’s room and finds his clown mask. The same one he used in The Mercedes Killings. She doesn’t know how he used it but during the confrontations it becomes obvious that Brady had problems at a younger age. Brady convinces (scares) her into believing that things are fine though. Home isn’t the only place Brady’s pressured though. A lot happening at his place of work. The higher management of the store is visiting and after a scolding, Lou is fired. I have no experiences of a US boss but I found that scolding to be a bit over the top. Mainly in the way the boss talked to the employees. It felt exaggerated and not totally believable…

And as I mentioned in the beginning the episode ends with a bang and that is the bang of Bill’s car exploding. Bill’s car with Janey in it. In the book, Brady kills Janey by mistake thinking that it’s Bill driving the car when Janey is wearing his hat. Here though he knows who’s in the car and I get the feeling he wants to punish Bill by making him witness Jane’s death.

Episode 7 is good and there are some changes compared to the book. I really don’t have any problems with any of them though except I don’t know where they are going or what they want to tell us with the Ida storyline. Hopefully we’ll find out down the line. I do have one concern though. I’m worried that they won’t have enough time to finish the story in a good way. There is only three more episodes and a lot left to tell. Hopefully they have found a way to tell the story from start to end on the time that they have been give but I will admit I am a bit worried…

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes Episode 7 – Willow Lake:

Holly is strange. I love her strangeness and the character and I hope other viewers do as well. I’m afraid a few might think it’s a bit too much.