Mr Mercedes Episode 3 – Cloudy, With a Chance of Mayhem

Posted: August 24, 2017
Category: Movies
Bill continues his search for The Mercedes Killer and now he has the help of Janey, Olivia’s sister. Janey shows Bill a bunch of letters the killer sent Olivia. In all of them he blames her and feels sorry for himself and his bad upbringing. These are the letters that drove Olivia to suicide. It’s also easy to see the resemblance to the letters Bill gets. In those there is also a lot about his gun and how good it would taste…

We also get a bit more backstory to what happened and how Bill and Pete worked the case. A collaboration Bill is hoping will happen again but when he brings Pete the letters sent to Olivia Pete doesn’t believe they are real. That in combination with the fact that they just caught The Turnpike Killer who they have been after for a long-time makes Bill realize that Pete won’t be taking any actions because of his letters. If something is to happen he needs to make it happen himself.

Brady on the other hand is now fully invested in messing with Bill. He keeps sending him letters and messages. They start talking on “Under Debbi’s Blue Umbrella” and the game is on. We also find out that Brady is one disturbed individual. We get to see a bit from his childhood and it isn’t one that you would wish on any child. His mother brings home men with whom she has sex in the living room where Brady can see. We also see him watch his brother almost choking to death.

After three episodes, I love these characters and what they do. Bill who is grumpy, drinking too much but still determine. Brady who is totally crazy (he might be one of the worst villains King has created). Janey who seems to be getting intimate with Bill. Jerome, this young man who doesn’t know what he has gotten mixed up with. And Deborah, Brady’s mother. Wow, that woman is bad…really bad and at the end of this episode when she helps Brady with his migraine we see just how bad she is…

Lilja's final words about Mr Mercedes Episode 3 – Cloudy, With a Chance of Mayhem:

After three episodes Brady Hartsfield might be one of the move creepy villains King has created.