The Mist episode 5 - The Waiting Room

Posted: July 21, 2017

OK, episode 5 of The Mist. This is a painful review to write but it must be done. Up until episode 4 the show worked for me. Itís not the best show I have seen and itís not always logical but it worked and I enjoyed it. With episode 5 the show hits a bump. Let me explain.

In episode four Bryan was shot and now they are taking him to the hospital. While they are there Kevin checks to see if his wife and daughter are there. They are not but his brother is. Kevin and his brother have never liked each other and as it turns out his brother has been really rude to Kevinís wife in the past. Still itís his brother and Kevin canít ignore the fact that he lies there with a steel bar through his liver just waiting to die. After a talk with the doctor itís clear that the brother needs to get to another wing of the hospital to get the treatment he needs. Only problem is that that wing is filled with mist.

The doctor refuse to go there but Kevin will. He convinces the doctor that he can do the procedure if the good doctor guides him by radio. Strike one, that doesnít work. If it was that easy we wouldnít need doctors any more. Kevin rushes over there with his brother on a stretcher and once he gets there the only thing he needs to do is put some goo around the wound, inject some thing that makes the area around it numb and pull the iron out. Strike two. Why couldnít that be done where the doctor was? If the goo and the thing he injects was only in that specific wing, wouldnít it have been easier if Kevin just ran there himself, got it and ran back and then let the doctor do it?

While this is taking place, Adrian is having a sexual interaction at the toilet with one of the football jocks. Or rather, first Adrian kiss the jock, then the jock kicks the shit out of Adrian. Then they both kiss and have sex. Strike three. This is a very awkward scene and Iím not really sure what they want with it. What are they telling us?

So, episode 5 was a terrible illogical episode. The thing with Kevin and his brother seems to only be there as a way to have Kevin kill someone. The Adrian kiss/beating/sex (that we didnít see) scene I donít know why it was there. Maybe because they felt the series needed a hot sex scene? Na, that canít be itÖ

Oh, and while all this is going on we also learn that Bryan Hunt isnít Bryan Hunt at all. The real Bryan Hunt is in the hospital after being beaten by the fake Bryan HuntÖ

Lilja's final words about The Mist episode 5 - The Waiting Room

So, I sure hope that this was a one time thing. This episode was painful to watch and I sure hope they turn things around again. Iíll guess weíll know in a weekÖ