The Mist Episode 4 - Prequod

Posted: July 14, 2017
Category: Movies
In the fourth episode things start going bad really quickly. Bryan, Mia, Adrian and Kevin make a run from the church to try and get to the mall. Unfortunately for them the car they have planned on using isn’t working. Later on we find out that all new cars are now malfunctioning. We don’t know why but it seems the mist is breaking something in them. The group make a run for it and end up at a car repair garage.

Meanwhile things are heating up in the mall. Remember the two guys from the video game store? The ones that rolled out the dead soldiers in shopping carts in the mist just to see what happened to them? Well they now want to be heroes and get them back. To do that they use a harpoon and when it gets stuck one of them goes out to wheel it in. Needless to say he isn’t coming back. When his friend flees he lets the monster in and it attacks Alex and a young girl who is in the bookstore (no King books in site as far as I could see), looking for something to read.

The monster in the mist attacks them and kills the young girl. Alex, for some reason, is spared. The monster itself is like a black mist that takes on a shape of a big creature that opens what looks like a big mouth that it places over its victims face and “eats” it. The guy who let the monster in is banished from the mall and cast out in the mist. I guess we’ll find out what happens to him later on.

Over at the church Natalie is going crazy looking for her God. Finally she finds him in the form of a spider. She raves on about it and finally Father Romanov takes matters in his own hands and kills the spider. But is it dead? Well it looks like it but it left a huge number of baby spiders in its place.

Things are heating up and finally we have seen more of the monster in the mist. I’m still not sure what it is or why it’s here but I’m sure we’ll get a better look in upcoming episodes. One thing is certain though. It’s not the same kind of monsters that’s in King’s story. Not so far at least but they might show up as well.

Lilja's final words about The Mist Episode 4 - Prequod:

Well the magic four episode line has come and gone with this episode. For those who have forgotten it’s the rule that says you need to give each new series a minimum of four episodes before you decide if it’s good or bad. Before you have seen at least four episodes you can have a guess on where it’s headed but see four episodes and you’ll know what to do. Well, I have seen four episodes of The Mist and even though it’s quite different from King’s story it’s still interesting and a good series. I will be following it all season long and hopefully come out satisfied on the other side. How about you?