End of Watch

Posted: June 7, 2016

Bill Hodges is back in the third and last book about him and his friends. From the start King stated that the story would be told over three books and now they are all here. It all started with Mr. Mercedes, then continued with Finders Keepers and now ends with End of Watch. I really love these books and the fact that King said it would be three books and that this is the last one opens up for anything. Itís like when you know a TV show is coming to an end, anything can and often will happen and this is no different.

What is a bit different with End of Watch compared to the two previous books is that there is a bigger supernatural part in this book than there have been in the previous ones. One of the things that made me like the books so much was the fact that there wasnít a lot. With that said I also want to state that there isnít too much supernatural elements in End of Watch. At least not for my taste. Iím sure there are those of you out there that will think there are but Iím not one of them. I think it works.

Brady Hartsfield is also back (how disappointed we all would be if he wasnít) and even though he seems to be harmless, sitting in room 217 of the Lake Region Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic he is still making life difficult for Hodges and his friends. And as usual when it comes to Kingís books everything isnít always what it seems to be. Is Hartsfield involved in the recent suicides? And if so, how can he be? Or is there a copycat out there pretending to be Hartsfield? And whatís the deal with all these fishes? The questions are many but Iím happy to say that all of them get answered in the book.

End of Watch is a great book, a great end to this trilogy and I almost wish I hadnít read the first two books so that I could read them all now in one sittingÖor a couple. I love the Hodges character, I have from the start but I have also grown to love Holly who I originally thought was a bit too much. But that is who Holly is, I just didnít realize it from the start. Now I love them all and will miss them!

Lilja's final words about End of Watch

So, we have come to the end of the story of Bill Hodges, Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson. Will we see them again? I have no idea? Is the ending a good ending? Yes! End of Watch is a great book and together with Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers itís a great story about the retired detective Bill Hodges.