Children of the Corn - Genesis

Posted: September 5, 2011
Category: Movies
Not again... Many with me was probably thinking the same thing when news about Children of the Corn - Genesis hit the net. As previously Children of the Corn movies this one went straight to DVD (has anyone besides the first gone up at the cinemas?) which shouldn't surprise anyone.

As so often in Children of the Corn movies this one begins with a couple, Allie and Tim, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere when their car breaks down. They go to the nearest house (to borrow their phone) and the odd couple, Preacher and Helen, who lives there only reluctantly helps them.

Of course, no one can help them right away so they have to stay the night with Preacher and Helen. Both feels the place is bit creepy but don't see any other way out. Later that night when Allie goes to the outhouse she discovers that the couple has a kid locked in a shed on the property and when she and Tim tries to free him strange things starts to happen...

To label Children of the Corn - Genesis as the nine installment in the "Children of the Corn" series feels really wrong. In truth, the movie don't have much, if anything, to do with the prior films. They have excluded most of the children and "He who walks behind the rows" are only mentioned in passing. What we get instead is a horror film about a couple who end up in strange place when their car breaks down. Personally I believe the movie had been better off if it hadn't been labeled as a Children of the Corn movie. Now it's just another installment in a bad series of movies.

Lilja's final words about Children of the Corn - Genesis:

Children Of The Corn - Genesis is a truly bad movie that you do not need to see, even if you have seen all the other Children of the Corn movies. So, do yourself a favor and pass on this one.

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