Haven - Season 2 (ep. 1-4)

Posted: August 11, 2011
Category: Movies
Haven is back for a second season and I have just watched the four first episodes. The story continues where the last episode of season one ended, with Nathan and Audrey being confronted by a woman claiming she is Audrey Parker from the FBI. But she can't be right, can she? There can only be one Audrey Parker, anything else would be madness correct? Well, not necessary in Haven, the town where frogs fall from the sky and lawn sprinklers spray blood. In Haven there can be two Audrey Parker and there is...

This story lined continues for the first three episodes (so far) but the first episode also introduces us to the new character Evidence “Evi” Ryan (played by Vinessa Antoine) who turn out to have a big influence on Duke's life. We also get to see the return of the series three main characters; Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose), Nathan Wuornos (played by Lucas Bryant) and Duke Crocker (played by Eric Balfour) and it feels like they have all grown into their roles a bit more this time around. Like if they now know more who their character is and how they can portray that best.

In episode four we also get to meet the two big guest actors for this season, Jason Priestley and Adam Copeland (WWE superstar Edge) and I think they both do a great job. Adam’s part is smaller than Jason’s but I know he will be back in three more episodes so hopefully the character he plays, Dwight, will be allowed to take more space in these upcoming episodes.

So, Haven is definitely back and I have a good feeling for this season. Judging from the first four episodes this season will be even stronger than the first. There’s also a numerous of nudges to King in these four episodes.

Lilja's final words about Haven - Season 2 (ep. 1-4):

The new season kicks off with frogs falling from the sky, people experiencing their worst fear, machines going crazy and a second Audrey. A normal day in Haven in other words and I for one is glad to be back!