Haven - Episode 12

Posted: December 9, 2010
Category: Movies
Episode 12, called Resurfacing is the last before the season finale and this time we get two stories. One is about a family where the father in the family is blamed for a boating accident that happened some time ago and on top of that strange things are happening at his family’s house. It’s almost like someone is with them…and it turns out someone is. In the other story Nathan is forced to pose as a criminal to help Duke out and by doing so get him to talk about the accident that the father of the family in the other case is accused of.

The first story is quite interesting but the second is just strange. We really don’t get the full background on it and it all seems to go to easy. We do however find out new things about Audrey and her mother and that they share similar talents and Audrey is now using it like her mother was many years ago.

Two things that happen in the episode are worth noticing. The first one is that Nathan and Duke is getting along better and better and the second is a large scar on Audrey’s foot. Hopefully we’ll know more about the last thing is the season finale.

Some thoughts on the script…

The script for episode 12 is written by non other than Charles Ardai that most of you probably know as the guy that published the book The Colorado Kid some years ago.

After reading the script I feel that I got a bigger understanding for Nathan and Duke's mission in the episode. I found that someone confusing but now I understand it a bit better.

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 12:

Things are coming to an end. We know now that there will be a second season but that no one know when the last episode was recorded so it’ll be interesting to see how they end this season…

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