Haven - Episode 5

Posted: August 10, 2010
Category: Movies
Now there is no longer any question about if Audrey is part of the Haven police force or not. She and Nathan are partners and together they solve strange events in Haven. This time they find a dead man, an old man that in fact wasn't old just a few days ago. The same thing happens days later. Another man, one that Nathan went to school with, dies of old age even though he shouldn’t be more then about 35,

It's soon clear to both Audrey and Nathan that something is making these men getting old a lot faster than they should be and the only thing they have in common is that they both meet the same woman before they started to age. Can she be the reason? And if so, how can she make these men age much faster than what's normal? And on top of that Duke is about to find out...

Episode 5 (Ball and Chain) of Haven is really good. The characters are starting to set and the case this time is rather interesting...and not to exaggerated. And it also gives us a chance to see more of Duke and I think Eric Balfour portray him very well.

What disappoints me a bit though is that we aren't moving an inch forward on the Colorado Kid case in this episode. I want to know more about the woman and how she is connected to Audrey. After all, that is the big mystery here, right?

Some thoughts on the script…

This time the script is written by Nikki Toscano and while reading it I have focused on the details. As I have noted before almost every character get his or hers age revealed but that is not all. Often there are some comments that will give the actor or actress some hint to the characters personality. Like the bartender Nora, she is described like this “The BARTENDER, NORA (35, been around)”.

Another example is this “They’re talking to RUSSELL, mid-40s, tattooed in all the places we can see (and in most places we can’t).” No one is going to see his tattoos that are in places we can’t see but still Toscano has taken the time to put it in the script. This is why I like reading scripts.

However, I thought Duke’s aging would be more detailed in the script but here it only states that Duke has aged another 10 years and stuff like that…

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 5:

Ball and Chain is a good episode. It also has a King nod. In one scene Nathan comments on a case that happened in Derry and as you all know, Derry is a very well known King town.

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