Haven - Episode 3

Posted: August 7, 2010
Category: Movies
The third episode of Haven is the best one so far. It’s called Harmony and is the story about how Audrey and Nathan investigate why the inmates at an asylum all of a sudden starts acting normal while the doctor starts acting all crazy. At first they think it’s caused by a spill of medicine but after looking deeper into it they know that it isn’t. They don’t know why it’s happening though.

As the inmates are getting well they leave the asylum but soon they turn back into their old self again and so does the doctor. While looking for one of the inmates that are still missing Nathan gets a taste of what it’s like going crazy …

Harmony is so far the best episode in my opinion. The craziness is kept on a somewhat sane level and isn’t to exaggerated. The chemistry between Audrey and Nathan is growing and Audrey is actually starting to enjoy being in Haven even if she’s not quite ready to admit it yet…not even to herself. We also get to see more (not hard since he wasn’t in episode #2) of Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker. I can’t however wrap my brain around this character fully yet. I thought before the series started that he’d be more of a main character in the series but so far he has been more of a reoccurring special guest.

On the downside is the fact that the clues about The Colorado Kid is coming to slow. We get a name on the woman on the photo in this episode but it’ll have to get more focus if we’re going to get some kind of answers by the end of this season, even if they don’t plan on revealing the entire plot.

Anyhow, the series keeps impressing me and so far I’m liking it and will keep following it, no doubt about that. And when you watch it you can tell that many of the people behind The Dead Zone TV series is back for this one. It has a lot of the same feelings that The Dead Zone had.

Some thoughts on the script…

The script for this episode is written by Matt McGuinness and I’d like to fucus on some hidden clues that you can find out in the script. At one time we can read “Clean, well-stocked. Audrey watches as Lucassi carefully MIXES various pharmaceuticals. (Note: A ROLL of GLEAMING surgical TOOLS is visible).” Is this a clue for some upcoming event?

And this “And if we’re paying attention, we notice Ray in the background, exiting the building, an instant before Lucassi drops the flasks.” Is this a clue to the episodes conclusion? Well, I think so.

And last; I love this description of Gail Doty: 30s, not quite an ubermom but trying.

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 3:

We’re about a forth into the season and the characters are starting to set and so far the series works very well. However, it’s very important that they keep the cases Audrey and Nathan gets fresh and exciting. That is the real challenge with this series as I can see it. That and revealing the truth about The Colorado Kid.

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