American Vampire #2

Posted: April 25, 2010
Category: Comics
Issue #2 is here and man, this is good! As in the first issue we get to meet Pearl and Skinner Sweet. The year is 1925 (Skinners story is told in 1925 but takes place much earlier than that) and the place Los Angeles. Pearl is just waking up and realizing that she is a vampire and a man that very much resembles Skinner introduces her to what she is and why she is special. You see, Pearl and this other man is a new kind of vampires. They can be out in the sun without burning up for one thing. We also get to see what vampire life has done to her. She is not the sweet and tender Pearl any more that’s for sure.

When we meet Skinner he has been buried. What the others don’t know is that he is in the process of turning into a vampire, a special vampire like Pearl. But during this he is to week to break free from his coffin so he has no other choice then to lay there and wait for something to happen. Some people, or vampires, are worried that Skinner isn’t dead though, that he has become a vampire like themselves but they take comfort in the fact that the town will be under water soon and everyone knows a vampire can’t stand water…or can he?

As after reading the first issue I’m very impressed with this second issue. I like the style it’s done in, I like the coloring and I love the illustrations. Rafael Albuquerque has done an amazing job with it. And it’s also so much more violent than any other King comic out there and I have to admit that I like that. Vampires are violent creatures and should be portrayed like that.

I also like that it’s an entirely new story. We have no idea of what’s coming. Anything can happen and does. As I understand it though we’ll be able to follow Pearl and Skinner through history and eventually up to our own time I suspect. And that will be very interesting. And maybe we’ll find out if it’s Skinner that’s turned Pearl into a vampire…

Lilja's final words about American Vampire #2:

I must admit that I love everything with American Vampire. The scripting, the illustrations, the coloring, the covers and so one. It’s an extremely well created comic.

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