The Dark Tower: Sorcerer

Posted: April 14, 2009
Category: Comics
I thought The Dark Tower: Sorcerer would be a more stand alone issue then it actually is. When you read it it’s almost like reading the latest issue in the ongoing arc. It follows directly on the last issue of Treachery and will be continued in the first issue of The Fall of Gilead. The difference is that it has a prologue that focuses on Marten and my guess is that if there’s more issues of The Dark Tower: Sorcerer they will all have prologues featuring different sorcerers from the series.

As the issue unfolds it also focuses somewhat on Marten. We get to hear more about him and that he goes under a lot of different alias and that he is the son of the sorcerer Maerlyn. He is the brother of the girl Jinni that is The Grapefruit, the cousin of The Crimson King and has Gabrielle as his mistress. Talk about bizarre family dinners…

In fact we get to meet a lot of the evil characters from the series in The Dark Tower: Sorcerer. Besides the once I have already mention we also get to se Farson and his nephew James and one is meaner then the other. We also get to see familiar faces like Coral Thorin from Hambry and Clay Reynolds going by.

The Dark Tower: Sorcerer is very intense and it feels like a fresh wind blowing between the arcs. I like how it focuses on the evil characters for a change and it also gives some rather interesting answers to why certain things happens that we didn’t know about before. As usual the drawing, scripting and coloring is superbly executed. And I must admit that even though it’s Richard Isanove that has done the sketching for this issue, his and Jae Lee’s illustrations are very much alike.

As a bonus we get a behind the scene from the making of The Dark Tower: Sorcerer. Robin Furth tells us how she wrote the script for the issue and how she came up with the different characters voices and personalities.

Lilja's final words about The Dark Tower: Sorcerer:

I sure hope there are more issues of The Dark Tower: Sorcerer. God knows there are more sorcerers to uncover and what better way to do it then this?

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