The Gunslinger Born #6

Posted: July 3, 2007
Category: Comics
In issue #6 if Gunslinger Born we get closer to the end of this the first story arc, only one issue remains until we reach the horrifying ending everyone who’s read Wizard and Glass know is coming.

In issue #6 Jonas is trying to frame Roland and his friends for the murder of mayor Thorin. By doing so he also sets of a series of events that will result in the worst way for Susan and the boys. The Ka-Tet in their turn is planning a nasty surprise for The God Man’s soldiers.

Things are starting to heat up for the big finale next month. Those of you who have read Wizard and Glass knows most of what’s happening but it’s still very interesting to see Jae’s interpretation of it.

The illustrations of Jonas, Roy Depape and Rhea are perfect. I love the way they look and it’s a perfect visualization of the characters from King’s books. They look very nasty and specially Roy Depape with his evil-headmaster look. Very good translation from the book to the comic by Jae.

Besides the story itself we get the first part of the story of “Charyou Tree” in The History of Charyou Tree. “Charyou Tree” is a bonfire upon which people are sacrificed in return for a healthy crop. As the story is told the whole idea with “Charyou Tree” is started by Maerlyn and shows how evil he really is...

We are also told the story about the different guns a gunslinger can have in A Gunslinger’s Gun.

As earlier the illustrations, the coloring, the scripting and the story is very well done and a lot of work is put into this issue, as with the previous five. It’s great to see that everyone involved in the comic seams to be as enthusiastic and inspired now, six issues in to the series as they where when issue #1 was released.

Robin is getting very comfortable with the Gunslinger saga and the history lessons are so good that I hope that one day they will all be released as a “real” history book.

Lilja's final words about The Gunslinger Born #6:

Issue #6 is, as I have said, as good as the previous five issues and keeps the story moving. Now there is one issue left and after that we’ll get to see what the team can do with Roland without King’s books to lean on. Personally I think they’ll keep making magic!

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