The Gunslinger Born #1

Posted: February 5, 2007

I have just put down the first issue of The Gunslinger Born and I was just blown away by it. The first thing that hits you is how good the illustrations are! In fact, they are more then just good, they are fantastic. Jae Lee and Richard Isanove has done a marvelous job with them. Itís just as good as I was hoping forÖif not better. The drawing and the coloring is superb! My favorite character is Cort. He is so powerfully drawn that he almost jumps right out of the pages and grab you by the throat.

Iím also very pleased with Peter Davidís scripting. I feel that he has really captured the spirit of Kingís saga in the comic. Itís the same language as in the books and it fits the images very well.

The first issue gives us some background. Itís adapted from the Kingís book and shows how Roland becomes a gunslinger. The comic is very true to the book and it really doesnít give you any ideas on how the team (Robin Furth, Peter David, Jae Lee and Richard Isanove) will do when it comes time to make stories that isnít a direct adaptation from Kingís books. If they do it as well as when they adapted this there wonít be a problem though and we will all be very happy. I personally have faith in them and think they will pull it ofÖbut that still remains to be seen.

The only thing that throws me of a bit is the section called The Sacred Geography of Mid-World. I thought those parts would be more like reading from a history book. Now they are told like a story in the story and Iím not sure that is the best way to do it. I feel that there might be to much story and to little fact about the issue at hand when itís done that way.

Itís not that I donít enjoy it. Itís very well written (by Robin Furth) and it explains what itís supposed to explain... Itís just that I always saw it as pieces from a history book. I think however, that Iíll get used to this way of doing it once I get to read more of it. Itís just not the way I imagined it would beÖwhich doesnít automatically mean that itís not good I assure you. Iíll get back on this subject in my review of issue #2Ö

After I finished issue #1 I really wanted more and felt it was way to short, the same I felt after finishing each of Kingís seven books, and I think that might be a problem when it comes to non King fans who read this first issue. Lets face it, The Dark Tower is a story that it takes some time getting into and if you donít know Kingís books Iím not sure this first issue is going to do it for you. I hope it will but Iím not sureÖ

Besides the 31 pages that the comic itself takes up this first issue also includes a one page letter form the series editor Ralph Macchio, a map over Barony of New Canaan, six pages of The Sacred Geography of Mid-World and four pages of previews for issue 2.

In the preview for next issue itís hinted that weíll get to see more of the Big Coffin Hunters and thatís something I personally look forward to a lot, that and getting the chance to meet SusanÖRolandís true love.

Lilja's final words about The Gunslinger Born #1

As I said in the beginning of this review. I was totally blown away by this first issue. Yes, it is that good! So, if youíre one of those waiting for the collection with all seven issues, you have a lot more patience then I do I can tell you that. Iím going to be like a hawk over each issue of this series and not wasting any time reading them. That, is a promise!