The Dead Zone - season 5, ep. 10 - 11

Posted: September 14, 2006
Category: Movies
It’s time to review what might be the last two episode of The Dead Zone…for ever. Let’s hope that isn’t the case and that the series will get a 6th season so that the filmmakers can give it a good ending that we can all be happy with. As far as I know no decision has been taken yet so all we can do is wait and hope.

The second last episode, Into the Heart of Darkness, is very interesting. Here we get to see an old friend from an earlier episode. The Collector from the episode The Collector in season 4 is back and this time he has kidnapped Sarah and J.J. Personally I really like it when they connect an episode to an earlier one. Good job.

During the chase Johnny and Walt discover that The Collector is dead and that it’s his earlier kidnap victim that is now seeking revenge. It turns out she is as insane as he was and fell in love with him. Now that he is dead she wants revenge…

Another thing we find out here is that Sarah is pregnant with her second child. When it was revealed I found myself wanting to see what would happen if it turned out it was Johnny that was the father of this child as well… That would definitely stir up things. No such indications where given though.

It’s also good to see more of Sarah in this episode. She has been missing in most episodes this season but here she is back in full force!

The season (and maybe series) finale, The Hunting Party, is taking the series in a totally new direction. I’m not sure if it’s the filmmakers way of getting to the end or not but it seams they are looking for a way to get to move the show to its finale.

The episode feels very much like an episode of The X Files and I’m not sure I want The Dead Zone to go that way. There are a lot of conspiracy theories in this episode and I’m not sure if it’s just for this episode or if it’s a set up for things to come (if there is a season 6) but it gets me a bit worried.

I’m not sure how I would like to have the show end but I don’t want it to be to close to The X Files, we’ve had that already. Personally I feel that the show has steered toward a more X File type of show since the character Malcolm Janus entered the scene…

Lilja's final words about The Dead Zone - season 5, ep. 10 - 11:

These two episodes are a good ending to a season but it’s not the ending to a show. I really hope the network gives the OK to a 6th season or at least a few episodes to wrap it all up and give the show a decent ending…if they don’t want to keep it on for a 7th season that is. Personally I wouldn’t mind.

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