Lucy Fry

Posted: March 17, 2016
In this 11.22.63 interview I talk to Lucy Fry who plays Marina Oswald. We talk about how it was to research a character that exists in real life and learning Russian.

Lilja: How did you get the part as Marina Oswald?

Lucy Fry: I prepared thoroughly- learning all the Russian dialogue as in depth as I could, watching interviews with Marina, listening to her voice, and then I read for the part with April Webster and a week or so later found out that I got the part.

Lilja: Was it a lot harder to play a character that has existed in real life than one that’s just fictional?

Lucy Fry: I think in some ways it is easier because there is such a wealth of information to draw upon, I could really research her life and seek to capture this incredible human being as opposed to creating a character from scratch.

Lilja: How much research did you do?

Lucy Fry: I read her biography numerous times and watched all her interviews. As well as researching. What it was like to grow up in Russia in the 40s and 50s and being a Russian immigrant in the states in the 60s. I really feel for her.

Lilja: Had you read Stephen King’s book prior to getting the part?

Lucy Fry: I read it as soon as I found out about the audition because I was fascinated.

Lilja: Are you a fan of Stephen King and if so, what is your favorite book of his?

Lucy Fry: 11.22.63! I love the romance in it, and the historical context.

Lilja: If you could go back in time and decide yourself to when, where would you go?

Lucy Fry: Probably to Australia pre European settlement. I'd love to witness indigenous Australian culture as it was before English colonisation, and to see the landscape as it was before roads and buildings dominated.