Lisey's Story

Posted: September 20, 2004, 23:18
As you know there has been reports that King has written a new book. Well, it now seams that the short story I have reported about earlier, Lisey and the Madman is an excerpt from that book. Here is what it says in the author notes in the book:

[King] has promised to retire but "Lisey and the Madman" is from what may eventually be a new novel called Lisey's Story. In his own defense, King points out that all novelists lie--sometimes to others, almost constantly to themselves.

The story is about 30 pages long and about a writer who gets shot during a public appearance, told from the point of view of his wife.

Here's what King says about the book (that I'm guessing is the one called Lisey's Story) in his Guardian interview:

He has another book written, though he says it's "a mess", and has yet to decide whether anybody else should read it. It is about a writer's widow, and came about when he returned home from his hospitalisation for pneumonia to find his wife redecorating his office. "My wife says to me: 'Don't go in your office'. Like Bluebeard or something. I said 'Why not?' She says: It's just a mess in there and it will really upset you. One night I couldn't sleep and I went out there and she was right - it upset me. The furniture was all gone. The books were off the shelves. Everything was in boxes. It was just like a room that has been cleared out following an old person's death. It got me thinking about my own death and what would happen afterwards."

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Thanks to Bev Vincent and Rocky Wood.