And the winners are...

Posted: June 24, 2007, 23:51:12

Here are the correct answers to the 1408 contest as well as the winners.

Question: Who is the narrator of the stories on the audio edition of 1408 (Blood and Smoke)?
Answer: Stephen King

Question: Who is the director of the movie version of 1408?
Answer: Mikael Håfström

Question: What was special about Blood and Smoke (where 1408 first was published) when it was released?
Answer: It was only available as an audio book.

Question: From what country is director Mikael Håfström?
Answer: Sweden

Question: Have I, Lilja, interviewed anyone with connection to 1408?
Answer: Yes, Mikael Håfström. I have also given the OK to those of you that answered King himself. I didn’t think of him but there is no way I can say that he isn’t connected to 1408

Here are the winners:

Set of 12 books:
1. Albert J. Ty from the US
2. Desmond Panther Bone
3. Charles C. Turner
4. Shayne Sullivan from the US
5. Craig Zernik from the US
6. Anders Karlsson from Sweden
7. Dana Watts from the US
8. David Frisk from the US
9. Tracey Byram from the US
10. Mark Strum from the UK

Audio edition of Blood And Smoke
1. Joep Buijs from Australia
2. Jesse Lankford from the US
3. Anu Savander from Finland
4. Shane Meyer from the US
5. Rogier Pullens from The Netherlands
6. Bill Smith from the US
7. Dwan Proctor from the US
8. Mary Rajotte from Canada
9. Matthias Belz from Germany
10. Aaron Najera from the US

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