And here are all the winners

Posted: May 27, 2007, 00:14
OK, it’s Saturday and here are the right answers to the questions in the contest:

But first a remainer. This contest was possible to run thanks to Very Fine Books) so in the future, please support them when you get your books, OK?

Question 1: In 1984, which book was adapted into a movie co-starring Heather Locklear and Martin Sheen?
Answer 1: Firestarter

Question 2: The story "The Little Sisters of Eluria" by Stephen King is part of the Dark Tower series and this is the first appearance (first edition) of this story making this anthology a rare prize among Stephen King fans especially. Which Anthology was this?
Answer 2: Legends

Question 3: Cycle of the Werewolf grew to be a beautifully illustrated novella in 12 segments about Marty Coslaw, a young boy who must convince the townspeople of Tarker's Mills that there is a werewolf in their midst. What was it originally meant to be released as?
Answer 3: A story-calendar

Question 4: What John Denver song appeared in The Regulators?
Answer 4: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Question 5: On the February 3rd, 2007 episode of Saturday Night Live, host Drew Barrymore reprised her role as Charlie McGee, in a fake commercial for what?
Answer 5: Firestarter Brand Smoked Sausages

And…here are the winners:

Monday: Black House (1st/1st)
Winner: Christer Nestorsson from Sweden.

Tuesday: Dreamcatcher (1st/1st)
Winner: Mary Brady from the US.

Wednesday: The Dark Half (signed & inscribed 1st edition)
Winner: Michael E. Stamm from the US.

Thursday: Dolores Claiborne (1st/1st)
Winner: Danny Paap from Holland.

Friday: Needful Things (1st/1st)
Winner: Michael Emerson from the US.