Dolan's in trafficking

Posted: February 15, 2007, 08:43
OK, I have some very interesting news for you about the upcoming Dolan’s Cadillac adaptation. It’s correct that Dennis Hopper is indeed interested in being in the movie but it’ll be a movie that is somewhat different from King’s story. The screenplay is however written with King’s blessing.

As in King's story, Dolan is a gangster in Las Vegas but his main business now is human trafficking. The wife isn’t called Francey (as reported earlier). She’s named Elizabeth like in the short story. Also Robinson doesn’t have a first name in the script. He is just referred to as Robinson; a grade school teacher, just like in the story, who must have his revenge upon a well-protected, ruthless gangster in an armored cadillac.

More news to come about this so make sure your on the update list.