Thanks for 2023 and happy 2024!

Posted: December 29, 2023, 16:13
2023 is almost over and it was a somewhat slow King year. King released his 88th book (Holly) and we got three movies, Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (watchable), The Boogeyman (really bad) and Children of the Corn (really, really bad).

As for Lilja’s Library it was a great year. A huge makeover was done on the site. Shining in the Dark was released as an audiobook in Poland and my new book Stephen King: Not Just Horror was released in Sweden, Italy, and the US.

Now 2024 is around the corner and what can we expect from the new year? Well, in May King will release the collection You Like It Darker and he will probably (keeping my fingers crossed) release another book in the fall as well. We will get several movies, The Life of Chuck, The Monkey (maybe) and Salem’s Lot (hopefully).

Shining in the Dark will be released in Turkish and at least one more language (making it totally 17 languages…I’m aiming for 19). Stephen King: Not Just Horror will be released in Czech (spring), German and Greek (fall). I have another book, Stephen King: Stories From Five Decades of Storytelling that will be released in Swedish and a few of other languages during the year and as the title says, 2024 is the year that King celebrates 50 years as a published author, something that will be celebrate during the year!

And remember, the earth is 4.5 billion years and we managed to be here at the same time as Stephen King. How cool is that?