2006 Stephen King Library Desk Calendar

Posted: October 7, 2005, 00:00
On the official message board King's moderator got the question "if King was working on any book now" and gave this very pleasant answer: He's in the editing phase of two books but has an idea for a new one that he will begin writing soon.

Doubleday Book Club is releasing a Stephen King desk calendar for 2006. Here is a description of it:

If you're already a fan of Stephen King, chances are you're more than a little creeped out by pet cemeteries, you have a healthy fear of clowns, and when you think of the Man in Black, it isn't Johnny Cash who comes to mind. But we'd like to tell you a few things about the master of horror that you don't already know know. Peek inside the pages of the 2006 Stephen King Library Desk Calendar to discover:

- What question King answered correctly on Jeopardy! to beat David Duchovny and Lynn Redgrave.
- The story behind why Stephen King was partly to blame for the Red Sox curse.
- In his own words, why King wrote under the pen name Richard Bachman
- King's tips for the aspiring writer
- The top ten list of King's most popular characters
- King's musical tastes
- The overlooked novels of Tabitha King, and much more.

As an added bonus, Stephen King's short story, "My Pretty Pony," is included at the end of our exclusive calendar. 7" x 10"; 128 pages; spiral bound.