King will appear on the 2005 New Yorker Festival

Posted: August 15, 2005, 00:00
Now the dates and times for when King will appear on the 2005 New Yorker Festival been released. Here is when you can catch him:

- Michael Chabon and Stephen King
- 7 P.M. Directors Guild of America ($15)

- When Reality Fails Fantasy and invention in fiction.
Deborah Treisman, moderator. With Martin Amis, Judy Budnitz, A. M. Homes, Stephen King, and George Saunders.
10 A.M. Celeste Bartos Forum
The New York Public Library ($25)

2 P.M.
Michael Chabon - "The Final Solution: A Story of Detection"
Stephen King - "The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower"

Thanks to Audrey*

Now you can get a complete wrap-up of Babble On, episode nine of season 4 of The Dead Zone on their official site. And here is a description of this week's episode, Coming Home:

This week, residents at a Cleaves Mills retirement community are dying at an unusual rate, and the old folks there speak in whispered tones about a Shadow Man that creeps the halls in the dead of night. It's a macabre tale that ultimately threatens to swallow Sarah's beloved father (guest star Ed Asner), Bruce, and possibly Johnny himself. Meanwhile, JJ manages to put aside his fears and preconceptions about the elderly and connect with his cantankerous old great grandfather by helping to unlock the little boy inside the old man.