Broken Circle and other Dead Zone news

Posted: June 2, 2005, 00:00
Here is the poster for season 4 of The Dead Zone.

If you go to the official site there is now a lot of goodies. You can check out the script from Act 1 of Broken Circle (originally called Tipping Point Part II and scheduled for season 3) and other things.

But since you came here I will tell you a few things that isn't on the official site...

- There will be 12 or 13 episodes in season 4, depending on how the Network decides to schedule the episodes.
- Season 5 will be filmed at the same time as season 4 and will probably have 12 or 13 episodes as well.
- Kristen Dalton will be back as Dana for one episode in season 4.

The first copy of the limited edition of Transgressions has now surfaced. It's a copy that is for sale over at eBay.

Thanks to John.