Constant Reader Edition Of Carrie

Posted: April 25, 2023, 13:34
The Constant Reader Edition of Carrie is now available for order. Here’s what you get:

- An exclusive one-off edition of CARRIE, the classic first novel by Stephen King.

- Exclusive art prints

- An enamel 'Constant Reader' badge

- A new separately printed exclusive question and answer session with Stephen King.

This is only available exclusively through Special Edition Books and this very special one-off edition with an entirely new cover design rendered in gold foil onto the book's unjacketed boards; brand new part title artwork; beautifully designed endpapers; a ribbon marker; and sprayed black page edges.

The price for the book is £65 + shipping (free if you live in the UK) and it’s limited to 1 copy per customer. Shipping is scheduled to start on August 14th.

You can order between now and 12:00 BST 23 May 2023. After that the publisher will print as many copies that’s been ordered and that’s it. It won’t be sold at a later time.

There has also been talks about if there will be other Constant Readers Edition and this is how the publisher answered that question:

Maybe, watch this space!

So probably there will if this one does well.

Find more info and order on the publisher’s site