The 2007 Overlook Connection Catalog

Posted: December 5, 2006, 22:25:17

I got an email from Overlook Connection today telling me about their new website and catalog going up and out. The catalog will hit in January, featuring Ellen Datlow, Bev Vincent, Ketchum, Garris and Rob Zombie! And most importantly, it features a HUGE Stephen King section with over 1,300 related King items - from signed limiteds, first editions to rare magazine appearances and special signed videos by Frank Darabont and Mick Garris (Free autograhs with purchase!). Thoroughly illustrated and featuring fiction, interviews, and books coming in 2007.

As an incentive for the readers of Lilja’s Library (if you put in the coupon code LiljaSentMe) they'll will give you $5 off on your purchase (of a $9.95 catalog or the $19.95 hardcover edition). On top of that you will receive $10.00 off purchases so it makes the trade paperback Free!

So, head over to their new site now and order.

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