Farwell 2018 & Welcome 2019

Posted: December 31, 2018, 14:00:00

2018 is about to end and what year it has been. We got no less than two new King books during the year. Both The Outsider and Elevation are really good books. We also got new seasons of Castle Rock (season 1) and Mr Mercedes (season 2) and a new Children of the Corn movie that was just as bad as expected. It was all in all a very good year to be a King fan.

On a more personal level, I got to see the book Shining in the Dark which I edited (originally just intended for the American market) spread across the world. The year began with a promotional tour to Bulgaria where the book was released in 2017. The tour was followed by the book being release in the US, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and England. The Swedish edition was released as a Kickstarter and I got the chance to be involved in every step of developing the book, which was a fantastic experience.

I also got the chance to tour Sweden and talk about King. I did a total of 10 lectures on King in 10 different cities and I absolutely loved meeting King fans all around Sweden.

Looking forward to 2019 I will get the chance to see Shining in the Dark released in Serbia as well as an audio book in both the USA and UK by Simon & Schuster Audio and Hodder & Stoughton. The book will also be released in some other editions but those I can’t reveal just yet. I’m also booked to do at least 3 more lecture about King in three different cities in Sweden. Hopefully more dates and cities will be added to that list and I really look forward to meeting new King fans!

King himself hasn’t announced what’s coming in 2019 yet but I bet there will be at least one book. We’ll also see both the new version of Pet Sematary and the second IT movie in theatres. And a few surprises I’m sure…

I want to end 2018 by thanking all of you who have followed me here on Lilja’s Library during the year. I love talking to you all and if not for you, 2018 wouldn’t have been as good as it was!

Thanks & A Happy New Year to you all!

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