The Stand As A 10-Hour TV Show

Posted: March 31, 2018, 23:26
This short comment about The Stand from The Tracking Board has led to speculations about the book being done as a 10-hour TV show on CBS All Access. So far I would call this speculations. I’d love to see The Stand as a 10-hour TV show but there are better stations than CBS to do it…in my opinion. I guess we’ll see…

While some industry insiders have privately questioned what the future holds for Boone after New Mutants, with some faintly alluding to what happened to Josh Trank after Fantastic Four flopped, I doubt the film will reflect poorly on him, given the arduous development process. Besides, Boone has a full plate once he wraps New Mutants. He’s still attached to direct an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, which we hear is coming together as a ten-hour limited series at CBS All Access. Despite a full plate, those close to the director say he’s committed to seeing his vision for New Mutants through to the end, though it’s been frustrating for members of his cast and crew to read so much inaccurate speculation online.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma & Al Mattice