Mr Mercedes Panel At TCA 2017

Posted: July 26, 2017, 10:46
At Tuesday’s Television Critics Association press tour panel for Mr Mercedes we got some new info about the series.

~ ~ SPOILER ~ ~

The ending of King’s book is very similar to the Manchester, UK, terror attack earlier this year. Producers confirmed that they changed the series ending. Director Jack Bender said that the show’s choice to change that framework was decided early on and was a “better way to make it a potentially more catastrophic event.”

Bender also said the series will not shy away from showing the dark or disturbing aspects of such events because it had a responsibility to show how such monsters affect people and “how lives are destroyed by one heinous act”. “Mr. Mercedes will just put the audience in that horror and not try to walk the tightrope.”

Jack Bender, Brendan Gleeson, Mary Louise Parker, Jahrrel Jerome, Holland Taylor, Kely Lynch and Harry Treadaway.

Other tidbits included…

…King had said he wishes he’d written some of the changes they made.

…Holland Taylor’s Character Ida wasn’t in the book but is there to humanize Bill.

…Audience Network guy said that the last six episodes of Mr Mercedes will be the best thing we have seen on TV all year.”