David Palladini Biography From Suntup Editions

Posted: May 10, 2017, 11:57
As a bonus to The Eyes of the Dragon Art Portfolio Suntrup Editions will also publish a biography of the artist David Palladini.

From the Press Release:

As a bonus addition to The Eyes of the Dragon Art Portfolio featuring the artwork of David Palladini, Suntup Editions in collaboration with Mark Strong of Meibohm Fine Arts, Inc., is proud to announce the inclusion of a separate biographical book to both editions of the art portfolios.

The concise biography was written as a ‘fan tribute’ to the artist by Mark Strong, from almost nine years of compiled information about David Palladini’s personal life and career as an artist up to the present-day. The introduction, written by Mark, speaks of the serendipitous beginning of their friendship in 2008 with a simple phone call from David, which became his sole inspiration for writing the biography. The book, aptly titled Palladini, will include a 70-page biography, as well as over 60 full-color reproductions of artwork by David Palladini, including some of his best-known illustrations and never-before-published fine art. The perfect addition to the portfolios for Stephen King collectors and Palladini fans alike. Included free with all Portfolio orders.