Proof of Eyes Of The Dragon Art Portfolio

Posted: May 3, 2017, 06:15
Here is a really cool galley. It's a galley for something as unusual as art portfolio

I couldn't resist doing a proof for the portfolio. I had some fun with this. The proof is designed to look like the old-style proofs from back in the day. Right down to the stapled publisher slip, and spiral bound pages. And of course, the covers were made to look like they were all beat up with stains and folds.

At first I thought, how can you do a proof for an art portfolio, but there was a need for some sort of rough mockup so we could determine the best order for the content, and have something I could actually look at prior to publication. Aside from that, there was a need for what advance review copies are traditionally used for, to send to media/reviewers, etc. And of course, proofing.

I decided to also include swatches of the materials used in both editions. Right down to the paper, and the covering materials for the boxes. It also has some of the special translucent/vellum paper being used in the actual portfolios.

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