Help Me Make Lilja's Library The Best It Can Be!

Posted: December 12, 2016, 15:33
4,5 years ago I asked you all what you stuff you wanted to see on Lilja’s Library. A man called Lou Sytsma responded that he wanted to do a podcast about Stephen King with me. On April 19th 2012 we published the first episode and yesterday we recorded episode #67.

Why am I telling you this? Well 2016 is almost over (when I write this on December 12 it’s 19 days until we’re into 2017) and I want your help! Lilja’s Library has been online for 20 years now and I have always tried to give you the best I can when it comes to Stephen King news. And I think I have done a pretty good job right?

But soon it’s a new year and with that comes new opportunities. So, I want your comments and ideas on what I can do to make Lilja’s Library even better in 2017! I have a lot of ideas but I’m not sure if they are all good or even possible to realize. Some will require donations from you the readers of the site, some will just require hard work from me. But I want your input! What do you want to see at Lilja’s Library next year?

So, please don’t just scroll past this. Give me your ideas and thoughts so that I can make the best out of Lilja’s Library that I can. OK? Send them by mail, facebook page, twitter, Instagram, SMS (you’ll need to find my number first though). I really, really want to hear what you think and what you want Lilja’s Library to be!

Thanks! / Lilja