IT Cast

Posted: June 27, 2016, 13:22:47

Here is a list of the cast for the IT remake. As for the Loserís Club only the kids has been cast so far and itís hard to say how well they will do. I havenít seen them in anything so it could go either way but letís hope they are right for the parts.

Bill Denbrough - Jaeden Lieberher
Beverly Marsh - Sophia Lillis
Stan Uris - Jack Grazer
Mike Hanlon - Chosen Jacobs
Eddie Kaspbrak - Wyatt Oleff
Richie Tozier - Finn Wolfhard
Ben Hanscom - Jeremy Ray Taylor

Pennywise - Bill SkarsgŚrd
Henry Bowers - Nicholas Hamilton
Patrick Hockstetter - Owen Teague
Javier Botet - ?
Georgie - Jackson Robert Scott
Al Marsh- Stephen Bogaert
Rabbi Uris - Ari Cohen

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