Do You Want To Help...Again?

Posted: March 4, 2016, 15:10
Sorry to push this on you again but this will be the last time for now.

First I want to thank everyone how donated this past week. I have sent you individual mails thanking for the donations but again, thank you. I will put your money to good use.

Secondly, I could still use a few more donations. I would like to spread the word about Lilja’s Library even more but it costs…more than I want to think about. So, I’ll ask one more time for donations and then do the best I can with what I got.

I offer a convenient way to make a donation via Just click on this link and fill in the amount.

Here is a thought. If just everyone that follows Lilja’s Library on facebook donated $1 I could do a lot, and I mean a lot, of promotion for the site…just saying… :-)

Thanks! / Lilja

Original post:

While I have never charged anything for anything on Lilja's Library since I started the site 20 years ago back in 1996, and never will in the future (no matter how long that is), it do cost to run a website. And it also cost to make it grow even more, which I would like it to do. So that is why I turn to you, my faithful readers, for your help. I want to make Lilja’s Library even bigger than it is today. Why? Well, the bigger the site is the easier it is to get access to things and to people and by getting that I can give you even more news, info, contests and exclusives about King than I do today.

So, since I don't believe in having to pay for information on the Internet I make between almost nothing and very little money on Lilja's Library. Yet I'm hoping that you would like to repay your enjoyment of Lilja's Library by making a donation. It can be as big or as small as you feel you can afford and think Lilja's Library deserves, no donation is too small, or too big :-)

By making a support donation to Lilja's Library you are supporting my efforts to keep the site up to date and to make it grow and be even bigger than it is today. Lilja’s Library has been around for 20 years and I still have a lot I want to do with it…but that means I needs money. All proceeds (100%) from any donations are utilized exclusively for the ongoing maintenance, support, development and growth of Lilja's Library.

I do however want to make it perfectly clear that if not one of you donate a single $ it won’t mean that the site will roll over and die. It doesn’t mean that I won’t do all I can to keep making Lilja’s Library the #1 Stephen King site. Donations will however make it easier for me to do all these things.

I offer a convenient way to make a donation via Just click on this link and fill in the amount.

Thank you!