We Have A Winner!

Posted: March 4, 2016, 08:34
We have a winner in The Secretary of Dreams contest and her name is Michelle Favilla. The reason I selected her is that her motivation to her best Lilja’s Library moment is exactly what this site is all about. It’s the reason I keep running the site after 20 years…and probably will for a lot more years to come. Congratulations Michelle and thanks for putting my intentions into words!

I love when you asked people to share photos holding Mr. Mercedes, Revival, and Finders Keepers. By doing that, you made your page so much more than just about your thoughts, interactions, and news about Stephen King. You included us! You made us feel important and we got a glimpse of some of your followers that share our interests. I feel connected to your followers who share the same passion (obsession?) that I have with all things Stephen King. There are very few people in my personal life that understand or care about my interest in SK. I know that I can post, comment or look to your page to see, read, and hear more about one of the people I love dearly with no judgement, questions, or ridicule. Here, we find pure acceptance and excitement. Here, it's ok to nerd-out! In a world where reading has taken a backseat, you bring us together to common ground. Thank you.